Cause Investigations

McLarens Aviation’s aviation lawyers are experts in subrogation investigation. We can help you navigate the intricacies of subrogation to ensure opportunities for subrogated recovery are properly evaluated.

While subrogation is normally associated with first party risks, the principles apply equally to payments made under liability policies. Opportunities to obtain reimbursement of an insurer’s outlay can easily be missed. However, by carefully selecting cases where the prospects of recovery justify the investment in terms of time and cost, we can help insurers improve the profitability of an account significantly, particularly where substantial claims for indemnity have been made. Such recoveries are often not budgeted for, making particularly welcome news for underwriters.

By engaging our legal team at an early stage on a claim you can maximise your chances of a fruitful subrogation investigation. McLarens Aviation’s aviation lawyers can work closely with our surveyors to preserve key evidence, identify issues which are crucial to the recovery, and ensure that settlements of the primary claims are reasonable and therefore sustainable in the subsequent recovery claim.

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