Field Services

Field Services

Norcross, a McLarens company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington provides middle market services to clients across the United States. First established with a single office in 1979, Norcross joined the McLarens family in 2011 and has grown to boast over 30 offices across the United States.

Our adjusters specialize in property, casualty and TPA services.


At Norcross we service all lines of first party property claims including both Personal and Commercial, from Standard Fire & EC Policies to Homeowners Policies with multiple endorsements, and Commercial Policies specifically written by a carrier for a particular line of business. Our skilled and proactive adjusters manage all types of property claims, with particularly strong knowledge of:

  • Commercial Real Estate, Including Retail/Wholesale/ Light Manufacturing
  • Personal Lines, Real Estate/ Homeowners/Farm/Ranch
  • Catastrophic Losses
  • Business Interruption Following Property Damage
  • Governmental Entities, City/County/States
  • Regional Accounts

Our service goes far beyond simply valuing losses. We understand that a property loss, either commercial or personal, very often has serious consequences. We recognize that “home” is the first and most important word in homeowners adjusting. We work with your policyholders in a compassionate yet efficient way to get them back into their homes, still meeting our commitments to the carrier. Our adjusters get straight to work to mitigate the loss, rapidly return assets to pre-loss condition, and achieve significant cost savings for both insured and insurer.


Our casualty team delivers a timely solution to your liability claim, ensuring the best outcome possible. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • General Liability
  • Homeowner’s Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Employers’ and Contractors’ Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Construction Defect
  • Public Entity Liability
  • Event Liability
  • Governmental Entities, City/County/States
  • Regional Accounts

Services at Your Disposal

Liability loss claims adjusting at Norcross includes a broad range of in-house support services and activities that ensure each claim proceeds to a successful and appropriate resolution. Depending on the type of loss, severity, location, and duration, other resources may be helpful in claim resolution. Norcross adjusters have established relationships with ancillary professional services, such as lawyers and forensic accountants, to deliver any other resources needed to resolve your claim. Our adjusters and management work closely with both insured and insurer to choose and apply the best balance of resource to a particular loss.

When partnering with Norcross, you can expect: 

  • Reliable Los Valuation
  • Efficient Loss Mitigation
  • ALE Management
  • Prompt Investigations
  • Business Interruption Assistance
  • Knowledge of Local Law and Jurisdictions
  • Informed Liability Assessments
  • Subrogation Assistance
  • Engineering Support
Norcross Brochure

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