McLarens has provided specialised global marine and other cargo services dating back to the company’s roots in 1931.

Marine & Transit losses often come with their own specific and complex challenges, from locating and accessing damaged property to managing the differing interests of insurer, insured and manufacturer.

Fortunately, we have a long-standing reputation as global marine and transportation specialists, stretching right back to our company’s inception in 1931.

The services at your disposal

We offer a range of Transportation and Surveying services to ensure your goods are fully taken care of before, during and after its journey, including:

  • Pre-Risk and Loss Prevention Surveys and Recommendations
  • Loss Recovery
  • Subrogation

Business benefits

Our deep knowledge of what goes wrong in transit means we are equipped to deal effectively and efficiently with your loss. From preventative measures to business continuity to recovering third-party liabilities, we have the insights to save large amounts of time and money for your business.

Marine Brochure

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