MRO Assessments

McLarens Aviation’s experienced licensed engineers and technical managers can carry out detailed assessments of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities.

These assessments examine the technical and maintenance risk levels of MRO facilities and are requested by MRO’s, insurers and third party entities.

MRO’s often request these assessments to help prepare themselves in advance of regulatory inspections. As part of the assessment process, we can create and implement risk mitigation strategies to prepare an MRO to demonstrate a proactive response to any existing issues at the time of inspection.

MRO’s also look to McLarens Aviation for legal support in commercial and technical dispute resolution.

Our MRO risk assessments can play an integral role in the maintenance, repair and overhaul facility evaluation and selection process. These reviews can focus on specific concerns raised by product integrity type issues or take the form of a general overview of the capability.

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