Private Clients

Private Clients

To meet increasing demand for access to our premium adjusting resource, we’ve developed a Private Client offering for underwriters and brokers operating within the High Net Worth arena.

This is a natural extension to the core services we already provide and reinforces our commitment to respond to client, intermediary and policyholder needs in specialist sectors. Tim Carpenter serves as UK Head of Private Clients.

As befits the High Net Worth market, our services cover historic, listed and non-listed properties, contents (including fine art and other valuable possessions), outbuildings, gardens and grounds. A full understanding of the nature and range of buildings and possessions, a true appreciation of the culture and status of property owners, trustees and agents, together with expertise in design, construction and restoration are all fundamental to our business philosophy and procedures.

Building Claims

Our adjusting team has an extensive range of technical expertise which allows us to take prompt and decisive action in the event of a claim, irrespective of financial dimension or complexity.

We offer:

  • In-house Chartered Surveyors and a national team of adjusters with specialist skills
  • A detailed understanding of the architectural and constructional aspects of high value listed properties
  • Expertise in project management and restoration of damaged buildings
  • A full appreciation of listed buildings and general planning requirements and regulatory protocols
  • Access to vetted contractors with skills specific in this sector
  • The ability to offer building defect or failure diagnosis and forensic services in respect of cause of loss
  • Access to specialist advice in relation to rebuilding cost assessments and sums insured.

Contents Claims

Fundamental to our ability to deal with claims including general contents, fine art and valuable possessions is the adjusting team’s understanding of historic and contemporary interior design, asset ownership and lifestyle.

Our offering:

  • Retained valuation and restoration experts
  • A range of suppliers and advisers who specialize in fine art, antiques, jewelry, soft furnishings and valuables
  • Expertise in loss mitigation and recovery
  • A search and find facility for alternative accommodation
  • Qualified claims professionals who are familiar with and can empathise in dealing with top end contents losses on a daily basis
  • A national presence and 365 days 24/7 out of hours contact facilities for expeditious handling of claims and emergencies
  • A network of specialist art recovery investigators.

Service Criteria

Our service protocols ensure the highest levels of communication, discretion and integrity and we maintain the objective of providing a resource with the time to devote to the claim without the distraction of other demands on the adjuster and support team.

  • Dedicated support team with single point of contact for claim notification and management
  • 365 days 24/7 out of hours contact
  • Efficient and effective delivery from a national team of adjusters – ensuring speed of response, early assessment and policyholder support
  • Allocated adjuster with ‘cradle to grave’ responsibility on each claim
  • Internal support from the wider adjusting team in the case of complex or large losses and external support from specialists covering damage mitigation, restoration, investigation, loss recovery and valuation
  • Exceptional standards of service for both client and policyholder
  • An in-depth understanding of the asset base, lifestyle and culture of high net worth individuals combined with a discreet and sympathetic approach within predetermined service standards to meet everyone’s expectations.