Bobby Phillips has a unique history working in the Heavy Equipment and Trucking industry – his education started at an early age, guided by his father, in their family-owned and operated trucking business. When he turned 18, he began working as a painter and body repair technician and his career took off from there. He has managed and operated shops for MHC, RTC, and worked as a maintenance manager for JB Hunt and Melton trucks.

Throughout his career, Phillips has added to his expertise through the completion of numerous certifications including maintenance training, heavy duty electrical diagnostic training, IES® and Fleet Rx™, Mercedes Engine training, and commitment to leadership training.

Mr. Phillips has developed multiple professional relationships nationwide, as well as assisted major insurance and adjusting companies in implementing public pricing and the institution of global estimating systems.


  • 600 auto: Hail loss (USD 900K)
  • Oil Drill Rig  (USD 600K)
  • Mining Equipment: Flood Loss (USD 350K)
  • 4500 cars in Mexico City (USD 18 Million)
  • Rock Crusher (USD 450K)
  • National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing: Vehicle and Trailer Damage (USD 80K)
  • Industrial Crane Services: Property Loss (USD 45K)
  • Cincinnati Automotive Dealership: Property Loss (USD 60K)
  • City of Charlotte: Vehicle Flood Loss (USD 1.5 Million)
  •  Oversea Field Operations: 13 Catastrophe Losses
  • RTC: 200 unit hail loss (USD 800K)

Technical, Electrical, Crane, Audit, AS 400, PPG Certification, Dupont Certification

Adjuster Experience

25 years 1995