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Financial Lines Executive

Cristina Triana

Financial Lines Executive


Cristina recently joined the McLarens team in 2020 as Financial Lines Executive. Her key role is assisting in the development of financial lines in the region, based in Colombia. She has been working in the insurance industry since 2004, having commenced her career in finance positions. She has acquired through the years, experience in the Financial lines business with other mayor Loss adjusters. She holds a Postgraduate degree in Business Administration / Management. Her current focus within the Unit is BBB, FL/PI, Commercial Crime among others.


  • Guayaquil (Ecuador) COMMERCIAL Bank – Employee Infidelity (BBB) (USD 282 K)
  • Quito (Ecuador) COMMERCIAL Bank – Armed Hold and Robbery (USD 700 K)
  • Quito (Ecuador) COMMERCIAL Bank – Infidelity (BBB) (USD 920 K)
  • San Salvador (Salvador) COMMERCIAL Bank – ATM 7 Computer Crime (USD 1.1 Million)
  • Bogotá (Colombia) ATM located at the Airport – (BBB) (COLP 250 Million)
  • San Salvador (Salvador) Savings & Loans Inst. – Infidelity (BBB) (USD 45 K)
  • San Salvador (Salvador) COMMERCIAL Bank – Forged documents (USD 303 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Carrera 15 A No. 120 – 42
Oficina 402
Edificio Santa Bárbara
Bogotá Colombia
Local Time: 01:29 am
Local Date: 07 June, 2023

Industry Certification

Postgraduate degree in Business Administration, Postgraduate in Business Management - Training on Project Management - General Insurance (Fasecolda) - Bankers Blanket Bond - Instituto de Prácticas Bancarias y Financieras

Adjuster Experience

12 years 2011