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Country Manager

Daniel Torres Gomez

Country Manager


Daniel started in the adjusting industry in a major global firm in 2018. He has over 25+ years experience in manufacturing and in the oil and gas industry. He is able to leverage his knowledge to positively engage business achievement through constant and sustainable growth with a proven record of success.

Daniel has engaged several executive and leader positions in different multinational firms in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. He has multicultural and global experience in different regions as South, Central and North America, Asia and Europe.

Daniel is 100% Bilingual, he speaks Native Spanish and business-level English.


  • OEM Electronic Manufacturer – Product Recall (USD 650 K / USD 8 Million)
  • OEM parts Manufacturer – Contingent BI USD 2 Million)
  • OEM parts Manufacturer – Machinery Breakage (USD 600 K)
  • OEM Aircraft Manufacturer – Property Damage/BI (USD 750 K)
  • Banking – Cyber Incidents (USD 10 Million)
  • Renewable Energy farm – PD / CAR (USD 1 Million)
  • Industrial plant – CAR (Water Damage) (USD 2.5 Million)
  • Vehicles in transit – Marine (Hail) (USD 3.5 Million)
  • Food industry / CAT H. Dorian (USD 650 K)
  • Production farm – Contamination – Agriculture (USD 1.5 Million)
  • Food Industry/ CAT H. Delta/H. Zeta/H. Iota (USD 2 Million)
  • Mining Operation – Landslide – PD/BI/Casualty (USD 1.5 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Insurgentes Sur 1877, Piso 4 (Anexo)
Col. Guadalupe Inn
01020 México, D.F.
Local Time: 08:20 pm
Local Date: 06 July, 2022


Material Engineer – Manufacturing Processes. Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela

Additional Expertise

Product Liability/EAR/CYBER

Adjuster Experience

4 years 2018

Language Skills

Native Spanish, Business-Level English