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Ferrah McClammy

General Adjuster/TPA Oversight


Ferrah began working in the insurance industry in 1994 for a single interest insurance company handling claims for banks & credit unions. She then moved to a major insurer handling property claims and also working in the Cat Office three months per year (1998 – 2004). Later, Ferrah moved to another carrier who specialized in construction small business handling both first-party property & casualty claims. After that, she worked for a State (Texas) oversight & code enforcement co. by completing an onsite risk assessment, code compliance, and employee safety training for medical clinics, warehouse and large construction sites from 2005 to 2006.

Ferrah worked as an adjuster for a third party administrator after her move to Oklahoma in 2006 and later moved into a supervisory role for all casualty, first-party and auto claims. The firm handled a range of claims including liquor liability and specialized programs (pest control, animal mortality, dealership, specialty/classic auto, etc.).

In 2016, she began working directly for a carrier that specialized in oil industry handling claims (including site investigation) (accident/BI, explosion, environmental losses, fracking earthquake claims). In 2017, Ferrah returned to TPA work handling entertainment, habitational, CD, environmental, E&O, etc. Ferrah joined McLarens in 2019 as a GA/TPA Oversight Adjuster.


  • Environmental, Waste Water Spill (USD 18 Million)
  • Environmental, Explosion/Catastrophic Death (USD 20 Million)
  • Construction, Catastrophic Death (USD 15 Million)
  • Vandalism/Arson, Fire Loss involving a School (USD 15 Million)
  • Environmental, Fracking/Earthquake (USD 30 Million)
  • Pest Control, Infertility allegation (USD 1 Million)
  • Pest Control, Newborn Deformity (USD 2 Million)
  • Environmental, Petroleum Spill in Wetlands, NJ Environmental Habitat (USD 10 million)
  • Warehousing/Manufacturing, Flour contamination/Product Recall (USD 5 Million)
  • Manufacturing, Fire Loss – Fire Dept Loss of Life due to Radio malfunction/Loss of life (USD 10 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

6440 Avondale Drive
Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
United States
Local Time: 10:59 am
Local Date: 05 December, 2023


Specialized training on Environmental claims (Mold, Fungus, Oil spills on land and seas, Waste Water Remediation on land, Fracking claims, etc.); Specialized Claims Law Associate (SCLA) designation - achieved in 2002.

Additional Expertise

Hospitality, Habitat, E&O (Agency, Carrier, Banking& Lending, Law), Construction Defect, Product Recall, Catastrophic First Party (Hurricane, Blackout, Tornado/Wind/Hail), Farming&Ranching, Animal Mortality and Catastrophic Injury/Wrongful death matters

Adjuster Experience

29 years 1994