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Assistant Vice President / Executive General Adjuster

Graham Jackson

Assistant Vice President / Executive General Adjuster


Graham began his career in 1974 with Burmah Castrol, Ltd. working in both the technical service and operations departments of the company’s U.K. oil refinery.

Graham entered the insurance field in 1983, when he joined Sedgwick Risk Control Services, Ltd. as a Risk Control Consultant undertaking risk assessment and loss control services for major clients on a worldwide basis. He later moved to take up a senior management position in Independent Engineering Services, Ltd., undertaking a wide range of risk engineering and management consulting projects for leading insurance and industrial clients. In 1990, he relocated to the US to coordinate the company’s business throughout North and South America.

After two years, Graham joined Elliston, LLC, where he was responsible for managing excess liability claims on multi-year policies for underwriters on major energy and construction liability accounts. Graham has significant experience in coverage analysis, indemnification issues, case evaluation, the direction of defense counsel, appellate actions, and mediation and negotiation in both the marine and non-marine fields.

In 2007, Graham joined McLarens as an Executive General Adjuster, where he continues to manage major Commercial casualty claims and claims programs for leading Underwriters and Insurers.


  •  School District / Construction Authority Program Account: Claims Management
  • Public Transportation: Excess Liability Insurers, Claims Management / Representation
  •  Commercial Property Projects / Construction Liability Program: Claims Monitoring & Management
  •  Major Oil Companies (Onshore & Offshore Operations) : Risk
    Assessment & Loss Control
  •  Mothballed Oil Refinery: Risk Assessment (Pre-sale)

Office Address / Contact Information

One Battery Park Plaza
24 State Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10004
United States
Local Time: 10:18 pm
Local Date: 01 June, 2023


University of Newcastle - Bachelors of Science, Chemical Engineering, Masters of Science, Public Health Engineering, Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.)

Additional Expertise

Distribution, Energy, Manufacturing, Offshore & Onshore Operations, Oil Production, Refining & Construction

Adjuster Experience

40 years 1983