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Executive General Adjuster

Greg Wright

Executive General Adjuster


Greg started in 1997 as a Project Manager in Commercial Communications Distribution & Installation with Discovery Systems until 2002. He then became a Project Manager in Residential Reconstruction with Solutions Unlimited LLP General Contractors until 2004, when he began his adjusting career. Greg was an Independent Adjuster until 2013, where he focused his work on catastrophe losses in commercial and residential areas, along with working with a National Flood Insurance Program. He was then hired as a General Homeowners Claims Adjuster with Horace Mann Insurance Companies. In 2014, Greg worked with ComNet Communications in Design and Estimation of Low Voltage Communication Distribution, where he stayed until 2017 when he joined McLarens as a General Adjuster. Greg is licensed in every state in the US that requires one, and runs several national accounts. He was promoted to National General Adjuster in 2021.


  • Oil and Gas: Collapse (USD 3 million)
  • Oil and Saltwater Disposal Plant: Fire (USD 1.8 Million)
  • Multi-Family: Fire (USD 770 K)
  • Auto Dealership: Flood (USD 1.9 Million)
  • Water Treatment Plant: Tornado (USD 600 K)
  • Office and Warehouse: Complex Fire (USD 860 K)
  • Office Highrise: Hail (USD 820 K)
  • Auto Dealership: Hail (USD 1.2 Million)
  • Hotel: Flood (USD 300 K)
  • Golf Resort: Hurricane (USD 4.5 Million)
  • Golf Resort: Flood (USD 2.8 Million)
  • Office Highrise and Retail: Water (USD 3 Million)
  • Freeze multiple locations (USD 5.8 Million)
  • Riot and Vandalism multiple locations (USD 1.8 Million)
  • Water loss High Rise (USD 50 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

10440 North Central Expressway
Suite 650
Dallas, TX 75231
United States
Local Time: 01:37 pm
Local Date: 04 June, 2023

Industry Certification

NFIP, CA Earthquake Certified


University of North Texas - Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Finance


Additional Expertise

Commercial and Residential Property, Resort and Hospitality / Hotel and Golf, Outdoor Property, Oil and Gas, Water and Sewer Plant, Retail Property and Inventory, Complex Fire and Water Property Damage, Communications and Low Voltage Distribution, Construction Management

Adjuster Experience

19 years 2004