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Manager - Operations & Marketing

Luthfi Reza

Manager - Operations & Marketing


Reza is a qualified electrical engineer who specialises in large and complex in the Power Generation which on the foregoing also involved in national infrastructure project claims. In 1995, Reza started his carrier in a national power and transmission consultant which then joined Japan JV Mechanical/Electrical contractor dealing with M/E projects for a power plant, transmission, high rise building and utilities.

Reza joined McLarens Indonesia in October 1999 as an Electrical Loss Adjuster. On the foregoing, he was also involved in various other lines: CAR/EAR, telecommunication, property losses, Business Interruption, etc.

Reza developed marketing and claims handling strategy which then brought McLarens Indonesia as the top lead loss adjuster of national government power provider: PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara) and it’s subsidiary companies PJB (Pembangkit Jawa Bali), Indonesia Power (IP) and PLN Batam. Being recognized in the market, Reza successfully brought McLarens Indonesia as the top lead loss adjusters of national civil infrastructure projects serving claims for Hutama Karya Indonesia (holding company of infrastructure contractors) as well as its sister company Nindya Karya.


  • Civil construction Karalloe Dam, South Sulawesi – Huge Flood washed away cofferdam as well as a foundation of the main dam under construction (USD 8 Million)
  • Civil construction, revitalization and reclamation of Tempe Lake project, South Sulawesi – Flood washed away 3 new islands under construction (USD 2 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown of Power Plant Transformer in Muara Karang, Jakarta – power surge from the nearest substation impacted on a step up 15/150 kV – 185 MV Transformer of steam power generation (USD 2.2 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown of Gas Turbine, Power Plant in Gresik, East Java – turbine blades and vanes were damaged – Failed Ring Segment stage #2 due to lack design by the manufacturer (USD 4.4 Million)
  • Business Interruption Loss on Power Plant Provider in Batam – Interruption of power supply from feeder power plant due to a damaged gas engine (USD 2 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown – Power Transformer 70 MVA in substation, Batu Besar Batam – gradual damage to On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) affected short circuit to the internal winding of the transformer (USD 1 Million)
  • Fire loss on Coal Crusher Conveyors of Steam Power Plant in Amurang, North Sulawesi (USD 1 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown of Gas Turbine, Power Plant in Gresik, East Java.  2nd, 3rd and 4th stage turbine blades and vanes were damaged (USD 4.3 Million)
  • Fire Loss of 2 high rise textile shopping centre buildings in Bandung, West Java. Building and tenant’s stock of textile were burnt (USD 17.6 Million)
  • Fire Loss of Coal Crusher Building, Steam Power Plant in Tarahan, Lampung. Self-ignition of the coal being crushed, burnt the entire crusher building as well as the equipment and connected conveyors (USD 4.2 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown of 292 MVA Step up Transformer in Cilegon Power Plant.  Dibenzyl Disulphide (DBDS) chemically reacting with heat and increased the corrosive sulfur to the insulation oil in transformer. Internal winding short-circuited since the insulation paper became conductive (USD 3.2 Million)
  • Fire Loss of Crude Oil Manufacturer in Bitung North Sulawesi, PT. Bitung Jaya. Stock copra in the warehouse was burnt. The case was brought to arbitration due to a dispute on the liability and settlement figure (USD 5 Million)
  • Flood Loss of Textile Factory in Bandung.  Machinery and Stock were damaged (USD 2 Million)
  • Fidelity Loss of money during transit in Jakarta, PT. Certis Cisco (USD 1.5 Million)
  • Fire Loss in Textile Company in Solo, Central Java. 7,277 tons of cotton stock in the warehouse was burnt (USD 10.5 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown of Gas Turbine, Power Plant in Semarang, Central Java.  3rd stage vane and blade of the turbine was physically damaged (USD 2.1 Million)
  • Flood Loss in Bandung.  Machinery and textile stock were damaged (USD 1.3 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Ventura Bld 6th Floor
Jl. R.A. Kartini no. 26
Cilandak, Jakarta 12430
Local Time: 04:48 pm
Local Date: 05 June, 2023

Industry Certification



BEng, Electrical Engineering


Additional Expertise

Machinery – Electrical (Power Generation, transmission and distribution), CAR/EAR/CECR (Infrastructure & Wet Risk), Property

Adjuster Experience

24 years 1999

Language Skills

English, Indonesian