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General Manager - Customer Solutions

Mathew Hessian

General Manager - Customer Solutions


Working with insurance claims both in New Zealand and internationally since 1993, Mathew has significant experience in the field of Loss Adjusting and as a Senior Claims Manager. Throughout his career he has developed a wealth of experience in managing Property, Construction, Energy and Power losses in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Caribbean and across the Asia Pacific region. Mathew has also led and participated in many catastrophe response teams in those areas including effectively leading the 2011 Christchurch EQ response for one NZ based Insurer.

In addition to his claims handling expertise, Mathew has a proven ability to maintain a client focus in complex claims, identify the key issues, and work through strategies with multiple parties to achieve suitable outcomes for all stakeholders. In his work both in NZ, Australia and Internationally, he has developed a strong reputation amongst Insurers, Brokers, and Clients alike for being an effective claims professional with a proven track record in settling claims across a broad range of classes.

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Level 1, 56 York Place
Dunedin 9016
Local Time: 02:41 am
Local Date: 05 December, 2023


Additional Expertise

Business Interruption, Contract Works, Major Loss - Commercial, Power and Energy