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General Adjuster

Robert Hulett

General Adjuster


Robert started in casualty claims and handled over 2,000 car accidents to include first and third party claims, represented and non-represented claimants, and insured and non-insured motorists. He received his Associate in Claims and Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters designations during this time, as well as certifications in Applied Structural Drying and Water Restoration Technician. Robert was selected to work in Special Investigations due to his attention to questionable providers and ability to spot patterns treatment and relationship patterns quickly.

After his work in casualty, he began his work in property claims as a field adjuster. Robert worked catastrophe claims for Hurricane Katrina and Rita for S&S claims for State Farm.

In 2015, Robert went back to school to earn his MBA at Illinois State University. He then joined McLarens in September 2016 as a General Adjuster.


  • Municipal Buildings: Hail Claim (USD 400 K)
  • Municipal Sports Complex: Tornado Damage (USD 200 K)
  • Municipal League: Flood Claim (USD 100 K)
  • Retail Building: Fire Loss (USD 250 – 300 K)
  • Municipal Buildings: Derecho (Severe Wind Storm) (Excess of USD 200 K)
  • Residential: Flood Claim (USD 100 K)
  • Residential: Fire Claim (USD 300 K – 400 K)



Office Address / Contact Information

180 Montgomery Street
Suite 1260
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States
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Industry Certification

AIC, CPCU, Applied Structural Drying Certification, Water Restoration Technician, Carpet Cleaning Technician


United States Military Academy - Bachelors of Science, Illinois State University - Masters of Business Administration


Adjuster Experience

31 years 1993