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Executive General Adjuster

Robert Prefontaine

Executive General Adjuster


Robert was born and raised in Massachusetts and educated at the University of Massachusetts. He immigrated to Canada for work in the Insurance industry in 1974. He became a partner in RP Insurance Adjusters (RP) in Montreal QU in 1979. In 1982, Robert moved to Ontario to establish the Toronto branch of RP. He oversaw the expansion of the firm into British Columbia and was responsible for the management of the Western portion of the firm from Ontario to British Columbia. RP was sold to Cunningham Lindsey (CL) in 1982 and he became a Senior Vice President. His responsibilities included oversight of the Commercial Risk Division (CRD)from Ontario to BC. Robert acted in this capacity for 13 years and left CL to form his own firm in 1995. The new firm, MGI, prospered and was ultimately sold to Charles Taylor Adjusting(CTA) in 2009. He was appointed Senior Vice President with responsibility to grow the commercial adjustment department across Canada. Throughout the entire time-frame of 1974-2009, Robert handled primarily Commercial/Industrial claims across Canada, the Caribbean and Central America and losses in the UK and Western Europe. In 2015 he left CTA to become an Executive General Adjuster with MGB.

Robert is involved in the Insurance Institutes of Ontario and Canada. He is a member of the North American LEA.


  • Fire in Northern Ontario steel mill (Combined PD and BI – CAD 35 Million)
  • Hurricane Gilbert in Jamaica multiple hotel losses in Montego and Ocho Rios (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 75 Million)
  • Hurricane Hugo numerous losses in the Eastern Caribbean including Puerto Rico (Combined PD and BI – CAD 30 Million)
  • Hurricane Andrew numerous losses in South Florida (Combined losses – CAD 200 Million)
  • Fire at an Oil Sand Refinery in Alberta (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 600 Million)
  • Fire at an Oil Sand Refinery in Alberta (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 1.2 Billion)
  • Hurricane Katrina several Hotel & Casino losses in Mississippi and Louisiana (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 1.4 Billion)
  • Hurricane Rita several Chemical Plant losses in Louisiana and Texas (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 900 Million)
  • Terrorist Attack in NYC commercial properties adjacent to Ground Zero (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 300 Million)
  • Hurricane Sandy commercial properties in NYC (Combined PD and BI losses – CAD 250 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

366 Adelaide Street West, Suite 700
Toronto, ON Canada M5V 1R9
Local Time: 09:39 pm
Local Date: 09 August, 2022

Industry Certification

Associate Chartered Insurance Professional and Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional


Bachelor of Arts numerous Insurance Seminars

Adjuster Experience

48 years 1974