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Country Manager / Senior Loss Adjuster

Rodrigo Cardona

Country Manager / Senior Loss Adjuster


Rodrigo is an Insurance executive working since 1993, always experiencing different sides in the market.

Working as a loss adjuster in the beginning of his career, Rodrigo learned the importance of a systemic analyzation, improving a macro point of view when handling losses and always looking for a solution for his clients.

As an insurance broker, Rodrigo got contacted with problems related to risk management and assessment, while he also faced and managed several relevant files from insurer’s perspective.

After that and focusing on his professional development, Rodrigo gained experience at an Insurance Company, working as a Claims Manager and having the opportunity to work in some of the most relevant claims in the Brazilian Market, in addition to intense exposure to the International Market.

Now, backing to the origins, Rodrigo returns to a loss adjustment company, bringing all of his management experience to develop a strong and solid relationship with the entire market, focusing his efforts to put McLarens as a relevant service provider in the Brazilian Insurance Market.


  • Chemicals – Machinery breakdown (USD 65.0 Million – BI – (estimative))
  • Chemicals – Fire (BRL 100 Million – MD/BI – (current reserve))
  • Chemicals – Machinery breakdown (BRL 78.0 Million – MD/BI – (current reserve))
  • Energy – Dam Collapse (BRL 36.6 Million – MD)
  • Mining – Machinery breakdown (BRL 25.8 Million – MD)
  • Mining – Dam collapse (BRL 53.7 Million – MD)
  • Mining – Dam collapse (BRL 100.0 Million – MD)
  • Steel company – Explosion (USD 46.3 Million – MD/BI)
  • Mining – Dam collapse (BRL 19.4 Million – MD)
  • Food – Warehouse collapse (BRL 16.7 Million – MD/BI)

Office Address / Contact Information

Rochaverá Corporate Towers
Nações Unidas Avenue, 14.171 - 15º floor – Room 1520
São Paulo, Brasil
Local Time: 01:07 pm
Local Date: 28 January, 2023

Industry Certification

AIRM Certified - ALARYS (Asociación Latino América de Seguridad y Riesgos) Insurance Risk Management, FUNENSEG - Fund. Escola Nac. de Seguros - Marine Inspector & Loss Adjuster


Fundação Saint Paul - Finances for non-financials, FUNENSEG - Fundação Escola Nacional de Seguros - MBA in Insurance & Reinsurance Programs, FUNENSEG - Fundação Escola Nacional de Seguros - MBA in Commercial Management, FMU - Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas - Bachelor’s degree in Insurance Business, Liceu de Artes e Ofícios São Paulo - Mechanical certification

Adjuster Experience

30 years 1993