• Commercial Restaurant: Vandalism (USD 700,000 K)
  • Commercial Property: Collapse of a suspended ceiling (USD 30,000 K)
  • Commercial Sign Company: Hail Cat claim for a large commercial building (USD 175 K)
  • Residential Condo: Fire (USD 250 K)
  • Residential Flood: Crawlspace flooded over a long period of time (USD)
  • Hail claim: Residential (USD 175 K)
  • Residential Vandalism: Bullets (USD 60 K)
  • Commercial Vandalism: (USD 100 K)

25 years of field experience within the construction industry and three years of in the field experience as an Independent Property Adjuster.

Additional Expertise

Residential and Commercial, Mechanic, Electrical and Plumbing systems

Adjuster Experience

4 years 2015