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Loss Adjuster

Sven Mohlek

Loss Adjuster


Sven graduated with a Master’s degree in geophysical engineering, specializing in hydrogeology. He then joined the well known CEA (Research Center in atomic energy and alternative energy sources) and ANDRA (the French national radioactive waste management agency) graduate training programs, where he dealt with geophysics and hydrogeology matters related to nuclear engineering.

Sven began his career as a business engineer in environmental studies and remediation works, where he was involved in chemical pollution claims, in the conception and realization of pollution’s remediation plants, and in the assessment of sanitary risk and in the development of remediation techniques.

After five years, he then joined the BURGEAP engineering office and worked as an environmental project director, where he assisted state bodies and private owners, and managed a team of 10 people (engineers and technicians). Over the next eight years Sven gained extensive experience in cases pertaining to chemical and pyro- technical (war ammunition) pollution, in addition to geothermal, hydrogeological, and hydrological-related issues. He also conducted intra-company training sessions to local communities and professionals.

Before joining McLarens France, Sven worked as loss adjuster for CPA, where he handled material damage and liability cases in relation to environmental pollution and chemical decontamination, among others. Sven is bilingual in French and German (written and spoken), in addition to being fluent in spoken English.

 Notable Assignments

  • Military / Industrial Sector: Environmental Pollution ($2.5 – $3.5 Million)
  • Geothermal Engineering / Drilling: Business Interruption / Contractual Liability ($5.1 Million)
  • Geotecnic Engineering: Loss of Use / Contractual Liability ($200 K) • Industrial Sector: Asbestos Removal Loss of Use / Contractual Liability ($220 K)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant: Contractual Liability ($150 K) • Sawmill: Machinery Breakdown ($450 K)
  •  Manufacturer: Fire Damage / Product Liability ($180 K)
  •  Industrial Sector: Fire Damage ($190 K)
  • Private Property: Water Damage / Product Liability ($180 K) • Private Property: Storm Damage ($2.4 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

49 Rue de Paris
CS 30054
92586 Clichy Cedex
Local Time: 03:58 pm
Local Date: 05 December, 2023


Master’s Degree - Geophysical Engineering

Additional Expertise

Real Estate, Manufacturing, Environmental Liability, Construction Defect, Constructor's Liability, Engineering, Machinery Breakdown

Adjuster Experience

22 years 2001

Language Skills

English, French, German