Macmillan Cancer Support Coracle Relay World Championships

Agrical have entered a team of 4 into this year’s annual Coracle Relay World Championships. Agrical’s Shrewsbury office David Orrell, Elaine Erasmus, Andrew Rankin & Emma Jones have all stepped up to the plate to compete in the race and are hoping to raise £1000 for charity. The competition raises money for Macmillan Cancer Charity and takes place on Friday 15th June at The Pengwern Boat Club, Shrewsbury.

Coracles are traditional oval shaped boats historically used for fishing in the UK, Asia and India and some are still made today in Wales. Traditionally the boats were made of animal skin and tarred calico whereas nowadays boats are made from fibreglass.

The Macmillan Coracle Relay Race first took place in 2007 and raised over £21000 for the Macmillan Charity. The prestigious title of “World Championships” was added in 2008 and attracted more competitors and supporters to spur on the teams. This year there will be 48 relay teams of 4 competing to cross the River Severn & back 4 times in the fastest time.

Go Team Agrical .

Wish us luck!