Catastrophe Response

Catastrophe Response

Catastrophe management is a key component of our business and represents significant proportion of claims we handle globally.

Part of our risk management offering is a partnership with clients to prepare in advance of catastrophes and other natural disasters reviewing expectations and requirements. We work with claims to assign dedicated adjusters with appropriate licenses and work permits in the region.

We have designed and implemented a comprehensive CAT protocol to support existing clients for all catastrophe exposures whenever and wherever such services are required. Our profile includes:

  • Extensive world-wide catastrophic experience including earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, wildfire, riot, flood, windstorm, hail, air crash and explosions.
  • Dedicated, discipline-based CAT teams
  • Focused response team leaders responsible for driving results through constant quality control and metric applications
  • Annual CAT modeling reviews
  • Licensing protocols
  • California Earthquake Authority approved personnel

Pre-Incident Planning includes:

  • Assess the level and regional geography of the potential incident
  • Immediately review capacity
  • Appoint a Catastrophe Manager who will control the catastrophe response
  • Raise stand-by level of staff to enable immediate travel to area and identify a Rapid Response Unit
  • Communicate situation to McLarens managers, response teams, and our clients


Catastrophe Response Brochure

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