Fine Arts & Jewelry

Fine Arts & Jewelry

Fine Arts & Jewelry losses are unlike any other losses. In place of random events and Acts of God are usually moral hazards like scams, theft or infidelity. It takes more than traditional claims management to successfully adjust such losses. You also need what professionals call “a good nose”. Our expert Fine Art, Jewelry, and Specie adjusters have this potent mix of experience and intuition, giving them the tools to manage claims, covering:

  • Jewelers Block
  • Fine Arts
  • Personal Articles Floater
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Bankers Blanket Bond
  • Furriers Block

The services at your disposal

  • Loss Evaluation, Investigation and Resolution
  • Recovery of stolen Property
  • Negotiation with Intermediaries
  • Liaison with local and national Police Agencies
  • Pre-risk Planning including Risk Management Surveys

Business benefits

Our adjusters provide reassurance and efficient resolution to all kinds of Fine Arts & Jewelry losses for all types of clients. We work with fine art owners, financial institutions, armored car companies and sellers and transporters of jewelry, gems, monetary instruments and artwork. Our international presence means you can rely on our specialist expertise wherever you are in the world.