Environmental, Social &
Corporate Governance

We believe and are committed to – provide quality services, assist our clients, and care for our employees by conducting business within a responsible social, environmental, and ethical framework.

Social Responsibility

At McLarens, we recognize and embrace the value of diverse and inspired workforce, and strive to create a rewarding, inclusive and caring culture. We support different organizations where we live and work in our communities that address issues of local and global importance. We’re determined to building a socially responsible global business that maintains motivated employees through a safe and professional environment, competitive compensation & benefits, work/life balance, personal development and ethical management.

Corporate Governance

Corporate compliance, sound governance and ethical operational practices are central to our business and McLarens’ long-term success. Throughout our global organization, we strive and foster a work culture of accountability, transparency, and honesty.

Sustainability & Environment

We care about our planet, and our actions speak louder than words. By reporting and measuring our global carbon footprint, McLarens is now a Planet Mark certified business. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions yearly so that together we can all halt climate change.
We are working together to cut our carbon footprint - PlanetMark