Agrical warns of potential increase in grain dryer fires as harvest is underway

Chartered loss adjuster, Agrical, warns of the potential increase in grain dryer fires because of the consistent inclement weather.


Nigel Collinson, managing director at Agrical explains: “Farmers in the midst of the harvest are under pressure to get the crops in as quickly as possible to avoid them being spoilt as the weather continues to be changeable.  This means the harvested crops are likely to have higher moisture content and grain dryers will be working around the clock so the crops can be stored or sold.

“Grain moisture content needs to be around 15%, anything above requires drying.  Whilst farmers will look to maintain their dryers before the harvest season starts, potential fires could be prevented by regular maintenance and cleaning during the drying time.  If a dryer is working long hours each day it can overheat, parts can get worn quickly and chaff can build up in the machine – these are potential fire hazards.

“Where at all possible, farmers should look to give the grain dryer some downtime to allow for cleaning out and checking over.  We appreciate its difficult and the weather seems to be against farmers this harvest but even if they are fully insured a grain dryer fire can be extremely inconvenient and may have other consequential impacts.

“It is essential that a suitable number of appropriate fire extinguishers are placed near the dryer in case a fire starts.”

On average Agrical will visit upwards of 50 grain dryer fires a year and see first-hand the devastation they can cause  –  the fire can spread to buildings, stored crops and machinery.  Often these fires can result in losses which run to six figure sums.


About Agrical Chartered Loss Adjusters

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