Environmental Services

Environmental Services

McLarens owns American Environmental Group (AEG).

American Environmental Group (AEG) has become one of the largest and most diverse industrial hygiene (IH) consulting groups, by garnering a highly trained and knowledgeable staff of Industrial Hygienists, Certified Asbestos Consultants, Certified Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors, Registered Environmental Assessors, and Senior Scientists.

AEG has offices in California, the Great Lakes region, North East Coast region, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and many others. AEG is staffed with some of the most experienced and qualified personnel in the field of environmental consulting. AEG’s competent team has the ability to cover a vast array of environmental assessments such as Asbestos, Lead and Mold surveys, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring, Occupational Health (OSHA Compliance) monitoring and Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Plans, Litigation Support, Environmental Assessment (Phase I) Impact Reports, Potable and Non-Potable Water testing and monitoring, Soil Assessments, Soot and Fire Damage Assessments, Silica Assessments, and a variety of other services.

Our experienced team uses the industry’s most current and advanced methodologies and are frequently being asked to support the industrial hygiene needs of contractors, facility managers, hospitals, building owners, attorneys, insurance companies, city and government facilities. AEG has established a commendable reputation in the fields of expert testimony, educational instructions in technical seminars, and health and safety program development for various commercial, industrial and institutional settings.

AEG has an outstanding staff that is actively involved in many professional associations, legislative activity, and scientific research groups.

For more details on AEG, please visit https://www.americanenv.com/