Catastrophe Response | Hurricane Harvey

As of Friday morning, Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a Category 2 storm and is anticipated to increase to a Category 3 hurricane by the time it hits central Texas late Friday or early Saturday. Devastating winds of at least 111 mph, 30-35 inches of rain, and isolated tornadoes are expected to impact a large portion of the coastal cities and central Texas.
Our team of dedicated adjusters are organised and prepared to respond at any time.

Photo Credit: AccuWeather

For Aviation Claims needs:
Please contact Bill Garcia of McLarens Aviation.
For Property Claims needs:
If you do not have a dedicated Account Adjuster, please claims to our CAT TEAM Email or by phone, as shown below.
Email     |

Phone   | +1 (844) 4 MCL CAT

               | +1 (844) 462 5228


The U.S. National Catastrophe Team:

National Property Director – Michael S. Beach (Chicago)
National Catastrophe Coordinator – Bill Holland (New York)
Northern California Earthquake Director – Chris Stafford (San Francisco)
Southern California Earthquake Director – Fred Perez (Los Angeles)
National Catastrophe Field Coordinator – Trent Gillette (Chicago)
National Catastrophe Administrative Manager – Jonathon Scott (Dallas)