From initial planning through to designing a tailored maintenance schedule to suit your operational needs, we can help you successfully manage your powerplant assets.

Despite their high value and complexity, the management of today’s modern turbine engines can often be overlooked. McLarens Aviation provides a full, expert, in-house powerplant management service for a wide range of engine types from the Pratt and Whitney PT6 to the General Electric GE90.

Our services, which are specifically designed to address the needs of operators, lessors and financiers, include:

  • Pre-purchase, acceptance and end of lease inspections
  • Co-ordination and oversight of engine borescope inspections
  • Engine trend monitoring and evaluation
  • Engine inspections for valuation purposes
  • Engine shop visit planning and management
  • Designing engine asset health monitoring/assurance programmes

Contact us now at asset.aviation@mclarens.com to find out how we can help you successfully manage your powerplant assets.

“McLarens Aviation continues to provide an efficient, cost effective and highly professional ‘Engine Shop Visit’ Project Management service for the TNT Airways and Pan Air Lineas S.A., documenting savings and providing added value throughout our Honeywell ALF 502 engine maintenance programme at Vector Aerospace.” – Tanguy Parmentier, Fleet Manager, TNT