Aviation - Liability Claims

Aviation - Liability Claims

McLarens Aviation, the world’s leading provider of claims management to the global aviation sector, are able to provide liability claims handling as part of their product offering.

Liability compliments the expertise already provided by McLarens Aviation’s Claims Management line of business. The Liability Team has an international footprint with adjusters located across our network. The core of the Liability Team consists of five experienced aviation loss adjusters based in the firm’s London City office.

The Liability Team is comprised of experienced professionals each boasting a successful and well-respected history of handling all manner of aviation-related claims on behalf of direct aviation clients or their relevant insurers.

A quality driven approach is fundamental to the way we operate. Listening to and providing flexible solutions to our clients is key to delivering our market-leading service.

Airport Operators Liability

As a nominated adjuster for a number of significant airport operator risks globally, the team have dedicated personnel specialising in this particular discipline to ensure the most comprehensive service delivery.

Claim types routinely handled include, but are not limited to personal injury, third party property damage and third party aircraft damage. In addition to the claims handling services offering, the liability team also provide active risk management solutions working closely with clients and providing regular training sessions for their operatives with good effect.

Ground Handlers Liability

In harmony with the commercial considerations of our many clients, our liability team are able to provide a prompt service both in the assessment and validation of presented third party claims and the review of contracts applicable which may serve to limit or exclude liability exposure.

As recognised experts in this field of claims handling, the team are regularly requested to provide presentations and training sessions for their Insurer and industry clients discussing the ways in which claims in this arena continue to present themselves in increasingly challenging ways

Passenger & Third Party Liability

Utilising extensive knowledge and experience of governing legislation where applicable, and with a strong client-customer focus, the team can manage all manner of claims in this sector.

In addition to services provided relative to third party liability arising out of various aviation related operations, the team are routinely involved in matters legislative in nature involving loss, damage or injury to passengers, baggage or cargo.

With the assistance and considerable expertise of the McLarens Aviation Hull Survey Department, the liability team are able to provide cradle to grave handling and claim validation both in respect of liability and quantum.

Loss of License & Personal Accident

A sound understanding of these bespoke policies coupled with considerable personal accident experience allows the team to efficiently respond to any customer requirement.

In Loss of Licence matters, the team are experienced in ensuring that at all times, they maintain close liaison with the airline client so as to ensure that relevant employee benefits are understood and that insurance coverage provided responds appropriately. Utilising established contacts within Civil Aviation Authorities in numerous jurisdictions and being able to source a panel of medical experts to assist claim validation, the team ensure a prompt an efficient service not only for the benefit of the airline client, but also for the licence holder claimant seeking appropriate benefit.

Our role in Personal Accident matters utilises similar principals to that described relative to Loss of Licence; our expertise and comprehensive global network enables us to provide an early advice relative to claim validity.

For assistance and more information, email us at enquiries.aviation@mclarens.com