Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Cheryl Yett

We spoke with Cheryl Yett to learn more about her experience with McLarens and what attributed to her recognition in McLarens’ global employee award program, McLarens Platinum Circle.

What has been one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you have had at McLarens?
Watching the growth of our brand has been very exciting. When I began in this industry 21 years ago, my company was a small organization based in the Pacific Northwest (United States). Later, when our firm joined McLarens, I saw the expansion across the country first-hand. Also, it’s been rewarding to be part of the development of the Leadership Mentors program.

I think the best experience has been getting to know my colleagues on a more personal level. In the past few years, I have had opportunities to work with our branch offices for case assistance. That has opened doors across the U.S. and beyond. Not only have I met some great team members, but also made a new group of friends. Over the years I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses and I’m thankful to those that have contributed to my growth and those that have been patient along the way. Being nominated for the Platinum Circle is truly an honor that will last a lifetime.

What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have a personal passion?
Outside of my time spent at the office I enjoy family events and cooking for friends and can often be found hosting a Saturday afternoon BBQ. I also enjoy hosting holiday dinners. My husband, Brian, and I like to share the table with those that don’t typically have a spot to go. 

Beachcombing is one of my passions and we have many treasures from the sea!  We have covered every inch of beachfront in Washington State, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. However, my favorite beach is in Washington, and even though it is a very rocky beach, this is where Brian proposed to me 28 years ago. 

What advice would you give someone starting out in this field or considering it as a career option?
Listen, take notes, and keep learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and work hard to go the extra mile.  Try to learn something new every day. If you are respectful and courteous, you will see the rewards in many ways.

Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Cheryl Yett

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