Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Iliana Cueto

We spoke with Iliana Cueto to learn more about her experience with McLarens and what attributed to her recognition in McLarens’ global employee award program, McLarens Platinum Circle.

What has been one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you have had at McLarens?
Prior to my position at McLarens, I worked with an aviation adjusting company based out of England for many years, which McLarens later acquired. I very much enjoyed my international and national colleagues, which included highly regarded aviation adjusters and management members. While first apprehensive for changes through the acquisition and navigating the challenges, such as a new location, software program, and colleagues, the help and support from our new global partners through the transition made the experience thoughtful and rewarding. The support given our Miami office resulted in a sense of contribution to the McLarens vision.

With the McLarens Platinum Circle trip cumulating next month, I look forward to furthering my collaboration with colleagues around the globe, extending my travel experience, and learning about other cultures.

What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have a personal passion?
I love and enjoy spending my time off doing many activities such as visiting wineries in many of my travelling adventures, which have included Alaska, Europe, South America, and China. While in China, I accomplished a dream of mine – to walk and climb the Great Wall and it was truly an amazing experience. 

My biggest passion is volunteering for dog and cat rescues and adoption activities. I participated with organizations that plan for the rescue, neutering/spay, and fostering of dogs and cats throughout the South Florida area. My love of animals is my driving motivation to dedicate many long hours of service.  I’m a “furry mom” to one doggy and a few kitties.

What advice would you give someone starting out in this field or considering it as a career option?
My advice for anyone new to the workforce and in particular entering this field of adjusting, is to begin with a spirit of positivity about your contribution towards the end goal of the company. A helpful attitude and respect for colleagues who can teach you and guide you in your career will serve your well. Have genuine  enthusiasm for the job. You never know what direction you may go so be inquisitive and have an open mind. Those attributes can take you far with any organization.

Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Iliana Cueto

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