Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Paola Sanchez

We spoke with Paola Sanchez to learn more about her experience with McLarens and what attributed to her recognition in McLarens’ global employee award program, McLarens Platinum Circle.

What has been one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you have had at McLarens?
Recently, I was part of McLarens’ Latin America’s financial software implementation team. It was both interesting and a rewarding experience. The project gave me the opportunity to interact with colleagues I typically don’t encounter and have a deep analysis of the business needs in each country . I learned firsthand how the system supports our global business. The project was a great success and was supported by our capable and valuable IT team. They were instrumental in problem solving resulting in a smooth transition and successful launch. The comradery and teamwork required to fulfill the task proved to be a great example of the innovating thinking of McLarens.

In addition, I’m pleased to be part of the inaugural winners of McLarens Platinum Circle, the global employee recognition program. I look forward to an exciting trip to Dubai to interact with my colleagues firsthand this year.

What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have a personal passion?
Outside of work, I love spending time and sharing experiences with my family. I enjoy creating memories with them and am thankful we have each other to care for.

I’m passionate about healthy and balanced living so that I can give my best self in all aspects of my life. It’s important to me to learn about health, food, and how they impact my mind and body. In my free time, I participate in various physical activities, which in turn give me more energy and make me feel happy and positive.

What advice would you give someone starting out in this field or considering it as a career option?
Don’t believe in “impossible”. Although life brings many challenging situations that may require more effort to achieve success, be sure to continue to work hard to learn from them. Honesty and professionalism are important character traits to be successful. Listening and supporting colleagues are attributes for good morale and a successful company.

Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Paola Sanchez

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