Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Toby Knight

We spoke with Toby Knight to learn more about his experience with McLarens and what attributed to his recognition in McLarens’ global employee award program, McLarens Platinum Circle.

What has been one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you have had at McLarens?
Seeing the London team develop and grow over the last four years has been hugely rewarding. This fantastic and committed team is one that I feel very proud and privileged to be part of. Everyone goes out of their way to help others. In addition to the steady growth within the team each year, there have also been some fantastic moments in terms of exam passes. I heavily advocate the CII and CILA professional qualifications and we have many great success stories. I have to say, it does give me a buzz when I get that phone call from a delighted colleague telling me they have just passed an exam! 

What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have a personal passion?
Outside of work, my fantastic family keep me very busy. My wife and I have three wonderful boys and we love to spend time together, playing football, camping and going on long walks. I enjoy all sports and have always played football and tennis however, following the inspiring performance of the Brownlee brothers in the 2012 Olympics I was driven to take part in triathlons. This multidiscipline sport is very exciting and I compete regularly during the season as a member of my local club, East Essex Triathlon Club. I love the team support and motivation that can be received as a member of a club. Also, the generosity of more experienced athletes who are willing to give advice on how to improve performance is inspiring and truly appreciated. This advice was particularly invaluable this year when I participated in my first London Marathon. To complete this within my target time of four hours was a huge achievement and I was really proud to do this with my three boys cheering me on.

What advice would you give someone starting out in this field or considering it as a career option?
I would have to say, work hard and expect challenging moments which take you out of your comfort zone but, do embrace these moments and remember to enjoy it when you eventually see how these have made you much stronger as a person. Trust and enjoy working in a team environment. Enjoy what you do and work hard to develop an area that interests you. Don’t worry about being a subject matter expert on everything. The best loss adjusting teams I see responding to a major loss, are not those made up of great all-rounders, but those where each member of the team bring and contribute their specialism towards the team goal.  Throwing yourself into professional qualifications as soon as possible is a must! You won’t regret it and opportunities arise because of it.

Explore | McLarens Platinum Circle Winner: Toby Knight

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