Explore | McLarens US Adjuster Team Member: Mike Beach

We spoke with Mike Beach, Senior Executive General Adjuster & National Property Director to find out about his professional background, favorite experience with McLarens, and advice for someone beginning their adjusting career.

What has been one of the most interesting or rewarding experiences you have had at McLarens?

My most interesting McLarens experience was working claims in Kuwait for Royal Family in 1992 following Desert Storm/Gulf War. I evaluated property losses to villas, farms, business, and other properties. Not only did I oversee losses exceeding USD 10 million, but I was also able to experience unique situations, such as adventuring through tanks and bunkers on battlefields, collecting artifacts/souvenirs, and meeting with their Secretary of Defense. Being American came with its advantages, especially when it came to socializing. The United Nations hired a global accounting firm to determine what amount of oil would be siphoned out of Iraq as repercussions to pay for Kuwait’s losses sustained during the war. My team evaluated the losses and issued reports to the accounting group who reported to the UN.

Another experience was my retention as an expert witness on a multi-billion dollar 9/11 World Trade Center Terrorism attack case whereby I represented the aviation defendants. We were successful in the trial.

More personally and rewarding has been seeing McLarens’ growth from 2-3 offices when I joined the firm in 1990 to the nearly 40 offices we have today just in the U.S. Recent employee hires have said to me, “I wish I’d met you guys (McLarens) 20 years ago.” This in itself is rewarding. I’m pleased that over those 28 years with McLarens, we have maintained a highly professional and family-oriented atmosphere, which is sometimes difficult to sustain through changes and growth.

What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have a personal passion?

I enjoy family and friends and especially traveling with my wife and (2) sons. I enjoy golf, working out, and attending backyard BBQs or tailgating at (American) football games. (I’m a Chicago Bears fan and 20-year season ticket holder.) My favorite vacation was three weeks in Australia and New Zealand. That was the only time I’ve taken more than one week of vacation at a time. My son and I enjoyed a trip to Europe where we traveled through Germany, France, Amsterdam, Scotland, and London (including the Lloyd’s market). We have taken several trips as a family to the Florida and Outer Banks (NC) Beaches, as well as several cruises.

As far as passion, I just strive to be at peace with myself at the end of the day – with who I am, and to know I’ve contributed something valuable to both my work and family, and society as a whole.

What advice would you give someone starting out in this field or considering it as a career option?

Be patient! Take opportunities to learn from those who’ve been in the industry. Remember, hard work really does pays off. Be able to work with people. Hard skills can be taught and acquired, but you have to be approachable, compassionate, and relatable to those you are working with.

Explore | McLarens US Adjuster Team Member: Mike Beach

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