Graham Smart, Managing Director – UK & Europe, Quoted in Insurance Post on UK Snowstorm

Graham Smart, Managing Director – UK & Europe, was quoted in an article in Insurance Post speaking about the widespread disruption caused following the massive snowstorm in the UK and how his team is able to handle the influx of claims.

“We’ve seen a real mix of claims across the UK and Ireland, with no one particular area that is worst affected. The fact that this was a nationwide event does, in some ways, make it easier to deal with, as given our national coverage and most areas having been consistently affected, there’s been no need to mobilise people out of area.

“Instructions have included losses arising from burst pipes and water mains, weight of snow and storm force winds and we’re expecting Agrical, our agricultural specialist, to be particularly busy in the coming days and weeks. We’ve also seen some sizeable [high net worth] claims.

“I would describe the situation as ‘a manageable spike’ at the moment.  Instruction levels are expected to remain high for the next few days as many businesses were closed or inaccessible at the end of last week and there will have been a consequent delay in claims notification.  We are operating within capacity and don’t see that changing.” -Graham Smart