McLarens Aviation Employees Team Up with CILA to Develop Aviation Loss Adjusting Qualification

CILA members from McLarens Aviation, the leading provider of survey and loss adjusting services to the global aviation industry, have assisted the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) with the development of a specialist aviation loss adjusting syllabus. The training course is open to aviation adjusters across the global industry. Having enrolled several members of its team, McLarens Aviation has announced that Gary Clift, Aviation Surveyor, has become the first ever aviation adjuster to achieve Chartered Loss Adjuster status.

Gary is a qualified Licensed Aircraft Engineer with 23 years industry experience who joined the business from Qantas Airways where he was a Duty Station Engineer.

McLarens Aviation employees have been assisting CILA since 2015 to help develop the new course, providing syllabus recommendations and advice around examinations. Though focused primarily on aviation loss adjusting, the course covers a comprehensive range of loss adjusting practice and knowledge.

Nigel Minett, Managing Director at McLarens Aviation, commented: “Aviation adjusting is a niche area and one which requires specialist, technical expertise. The aviation loss adjusting community is relatively small and practitioners, from our point of view at least, are often drawn directly from the aviation industry into a second career in loss adjusting. As such, it’s particularly important to provide a clear framework for the development of loss adjusting skills and expertise. We take pride in our ability to offer the best training and professional development and we hugely value CILA’s role in this process. It’s very positive that loss adjusters across the aviation industry now have the opportunity to pursue Chartered status.”

Gary Clift, Aviation Surveyor, McLarens Aviation, commented: “McLarens is well known for encouraging its employees to attain the CILA qualification and it’s great that these opportunities have now been extended to those of us working on the aviation side of the business.  The CILA course has been hugely beneficial, reinforcing the knowledge and experience that I had already gained both in the field and during my time working within the aviation industry. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to other aviation adjusters.”

Malcolm Hyde, Executive Director at CILA added: “Training and professional development are two areas where we provide vital support to loss adjusters across the globe and it’s important that we cater to all aspects of the profession, including niche specialisms such as aviation loss adjusting. We’re delighted to offer the specialist aviation loss adjusting syllabus and thank our members at McLarens Aviation as well as other members for their support in helping to develop this programme. We have growing numbers reaching Chartered status and are always delighted to celebrate the success of our members.”

You can find the full article at Insurance Times.