McLarens CAT Response | Mexico Earthquake

On 19 September 2017 at 13:14 hrs (local), a 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred. The epicenter was in the state of Puebla, some 75 miles to the southeast of Mexico City. We are saddened to report that so far over 200 victims have been reported. As rescue work continues to free survivors in collapsed buildings in Mexico City, damages and injuries look set to increase.

Fortunately, we are pleased to report that all McLarens Mexico staff and their families are unharmed, and our offices are undamaged. We also have power, email communication, and telecoms.

Less than 24 hours after the event, the extent of insured damage is unclear. Connectivity and electricity problems still exist and we know losses will be significant.

Immediately after the earthquake, our team on the ground implemented a well-established and periodically reviewed contingency and surge plan to assist during this devastating time, which is currently in Amber Code. We have a prepared Mexico CAT team assembled by licensed and certified adjusters in place working on current claims and preparing for influx.

Additionally, we are moving technical resources from around the region to Mexico City and Puebla to assist our CAT team. Spanish speaking engineers and senior adjusters will be deployed as necessary.

We will be providing regular updates for our clients as the situation unfolds.

The following Regional and Mexico Office staff are available 24/7.

Howard Laidlaw

Regional Manager – Latin America

+507 385 3466 | office

+507 6378 6363 | mobile

David Matias

Country Manager and Senior Loss Adjuster

+52 (55) 6588 4807 | office

+ 52 (55) 4940 4653 | mobile

Mike Wilson

Senior International Adjuster

+52 (55) 6588 4807 | office

+52  (55) 2737 6536| mobile


Fernando Murillo

Senior Loss Adjuster – Ajustador Senior

+ 52 55  6588 4793 | office

+ 52 55  4186 3865 | mobile