McLarens Edu. Sessions at PLRB Large Loss 2016 in Chicago

McLarens will have representatives speak in three sessions at this year’s PLRB Large Loss Conference in Chicago, Illinois 4-6 October 2016. Covering Commercial Property Claims:

  • “Anatomy of a Building Collapse” – Charles Klehr, Vice President & EGA, along with James Cohen, Senior Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. and Mark D. Shifton, Partner, Seiger Gfeller Laurie LLP on Wed. 5 Oct @1pm & Thurs. 6 Oct @ 10:30am.

– Large overseas high-end commercial building construction collapse
– Technical concerns, construction safety challenges
– Construction delay and business interruption loss
– Adjacent property damage claim
– Overlapping construction means and methods, design, manufacture concerns

  • “Unraveling a Contingent Business Interruption Loss” – Marcus Reath, McLarens Branch Manager- Detroit / EGA, along with Mindy M. Medley, Shareholder, Clausen Miller, PC and Jason D. Uloswceh, Partner, MDD Forensic Accountants on Wed. 5 Oct @3:30pm & Thurs. 6 Oct @ 10:30am.

– Given the exposure and known challenges ahead in the claim measurement, what was the appropriate advance payment recommendation?
– The interplay between the local and global policies
– Appropriate period of restoration: will the lost production ever be made up?
– What is the impact of long-term contracts signed with alternate suppliers

Covering Casualty Claims:

  • “Dealing With Claims Arising From Product Contamination” – Fred Perez, McLarens Branch Manager- L.A. / VP / EGA, along with Reinhard Krestel, Partner, MDD Forensic Accountants and Brent L. Reichert, Partner, Robins Kaplan LLP on Wed. 5 Oct @ 1pm & Thurs. 6 Oct @ 10:30am.

– Examine the lines of coverage potentially impacted by a large contamination claim, including commercial general liability and excess coverage, as well as potential recall coverage
– Number of “occurrences,” and the resulting impact on deductibles, self-insured retentions, aggregates, and excess coverage
– How an insurer might work with a policyholder to advance immediate funds to prospective claimants to limit exposure, without impairing coverage
– Coordination of and payment of various expenses incurred to preserve evidence, deal with a recall, satisfy the food regulations, defend the personal claims, and pursue claims of the insurer and insured against third-parties and settlements