McLarens National Catastrophe Team

Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st. Our qualified team of adjusters are prepared and ready to have boots on the ground for any and all claims.

Catastrophe (CAT) management is a key component of our business and represents a significant proportion of claims McLarens handles in the U.S. and worldwide. We believe our vast experience of catastrophes, coupled with our widespread global coverage, enables us to deliver an industry leading response to any catastrophic situation. Under direction from Michael Beach, National Property Director, the McLarens National Catastrophe team will oversee the activation, management and licensing of McLarens adjusters in affected areas.

Our team is prepared, organised, and experienced – Readily available to assist and respond to client needs during challenging catastrophic times.


National Property DirectorMichael S. Beach (Chicago)

National Catastrophe CoordinatorBill Holland (New York)

Northern California Earthquake DirectorChris Stafford (San Francisco)

Southern California Earthquake DirectorFred Perez (Los Angeles)

National Catastrophe Field CoordinatorTrent Gillette (Chicago)

National Catastrophe Administrative Manager – Jonathon Scott (Dallas)


If your account does not have a dedicated Account Adjuster, please send claim(s) direct to:

Phone | + 1 844 4 MCL CAT (1-844-462-5228)

Email |