New Additions Announcement 2017 Q2

Please join us in welcoming our new colleagues and congratulating our existing colleagues on their achievements. For more information on our team members’ specialties, please visit their profiles in the Directory section of our website.


USA & Canada

New Hires:

Charles Klehr, Vice President / Executive General Adjuster (New York)
Melissa Brownlee, Marketing Specialist (Atlanta Corporate)
Orvin Wills, Executive General Adjuster (Atlanta)
Jerrica Maddox, Administrative Assistant (Dallas)
Kelsey Pietsch, Administrative Assistant (Houston)
Lawrence “Larry” Nixon, Executive General Adjuster (Houston)
Sarah Becker, Technical Specialist (Dallas)
Winston Adams, Executive General Adjuster (Atlanta)
Rachel Rosenblatt, Administrative Assistant (New York)
Alexander Makh, General Adjuster (Los Angeles)
Lisa Halbert, General Adjuster (Chicago)
Chris Ennis, General Adjuster (New York)
Robert Hulett, General Adjuster (San Francisco)
Tami Gunter, Program Manager (Atlanta Corporate)


Michael Taylor, Vice President / Executive General Adjuster (Miami)
Julio Vistoso, Vice President / Executive General Adjuster (Miami)
Scot D’Arbonne, Assistant Vice President / Executive General Adjuster (Dallas)
Jon Stoltz, General Adjuster (Portland)

UK & Ireland
New Hires:

Owen Greenwell, Executive Loss Adjuster (Newcastle)
Mark Farrant, Executive Loss Adjuster (Manchester)
Jackie Newton, Administrator (Belfast)

Middle East & Africa
New Hires:

Malcolm Addy, Country Manager – United Arab Emirates (Dubai)


Gareth Sweeney, Regional Director (Birmingham)

Asia Pacific & Australia
New Hires:

William Lloyd, Executive Loss Adjuster (Sydney)

Latin America
New Hires:

Paola Sanchez, Regional Controller (Panama City)
David Goncalves, Casualty Adjuster (Mexico City)

McLarens Aviation

New Hires:

Daniel Torres, Aviation Surveyor, Claims (Mexico City)
Jinye Li, Purchase Ledger Clerk (Heathrow)
Shazia Siddiq, Senior Assistant Accountant (London – Heathrow) – Maternity cover for Agnes Inoch


Mark Rogers, Commercial Director – Risk and Asset Management (London – Heathrow)


New Hires:  

Jason Saylors, Regional General Adjuster (Nashville)
Marcia Gelon, General Adjuster (Phoenix)
Gage DiGiovanni, Adjuster (Seattle)

New Offices:

2817 West End Avenue
Suite 126-112
Nashville, TN 37203
17015 North Scottsdale Road
Suite 345
Scottsdale, AZ 85255



Emma Barnett, QA Compliance Manager (Tadcaster)