Norcross Announces the Promotion of Geoffrey Griffin to Vice President

Norcross is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Geoffrey Griffin to Vice President. Geoffrey joined Norcross in 2013, bringing with him extensive risk management expertise, stemming from his claims management and insurance brokerage background. Paul Kottler, President of Norcross, explained, “As Norcross  continues to expand product lines and grow our office structure, we needed an innovative professional focused on client’s needs. In the risk management and claims industry there are very few people with Geoff’s background and skill set. We are extremely happy to have him as a key asset and a leader of Norcross, who will continue developing creative solutions for our clients.” According to Griffin, “I am thrilled to be part of the McLarens / Norcross team as we enter this new phase. Clients are thirsting for new solutions, and we have both the resources and experience to deliver a completely new claims paradigm where quality comes first. Results are measured in tangible dollars saved and the client can finally have a one-stop shop for domestic and international P&C claims ranging from basic to highly complex.”

Prior to his appointment as Vice President of Norcross, in February 2015, Geoffrey served as the National Marketing Director of Norcross. He continues to be recognized as a leader in the insurance and risk management industry, boasting 25 years of business development, brokerage, insurance programs, and operations experience. Geoffrey is also actively involved in the Insurance and risk management community as a member of associations including the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS), the Claims & Litigation Management Alliance (CLM), and the Puget Sounds Adjusters Association (PSAA.)

For further information, please contact:

Geoffrey Griffin | Norcross

Vice President 

PO Box 25549

Seattle, WA 98165 USA

+1 800.824.1609 | office

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