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National General Adjuster

Al Ramirez

National General Adjuster


Al Ramirez served 8 years in the US Navy. Received an honorable discharge and pursued his college education. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Public Administration from California Baptist University.

Al Ramirez began his adjusting career with Aetna Property and Casualty Insurance in 1993. Whereas he attended claims skills school from 1993 to 1995. Prior to joining McLarens, he was a Branch Supervisor, Regional Large Loss Adjuster with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. In 2014 Al Ramirez move to York Specialize Large Loss Services. In addition, he has held various adjusting and management positions at CNA Insurance and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, York SLA and at Sedgwick.

Al Ramirez has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry specializing in commercial property claims, including
manufacturing, equipment breakdown, builders’ risk, real estate, and business interruption losses.

In addition to his ability to successfully manage extremely complex claims, his experience also includes reinsurance, advanced
coverage analysis, litigation, account management and layered programs.


  • Northrigde Earthquake 1994
  • Hurricane Danny 1997
  • Tropical Storm Helene – 2000
  • Cedar Fire – 2003
  • Old Fire 2003
  • Hurricane Katrina – 2005
  • Hurricane Ike – 2008
  • Jesusita Fire, 2009
  • Camp Fire 2018
  • Wooley Fire 2018
  • CoVid 2020
  • Santa Rosa Fire/wine 2020
  • Municipal Properties throughout multiple Cities – Woolsey Fire

Office Address / Contact Information

500 W. Colorado St., Unit C
PMB 144
Glendale, CA 91204
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Industry Certification

Mold Certification, Advanced Commercial/Homeowner’s Property Coverage, Commercial/Homeowner’s Loss Estimating, Inland Marine/Crime Coverage, Fraud, Litigation property management, Earthquake and Fair Claims Certifications


State license, NM All lines/General Adjuster 16762143, FL All Lines / General Adjuster W225972, UT All Lines / General Adjuster 500904, AK Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 100109346 9, AL Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 705045, AZ Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 16762143, KY Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 851532 9/13/2014, MT All Lines / General Adjuster 100122841 9/11/2014, WA All Lines / General Adjuster 868408 9/12/2014, CA All Lines / General Adjuster 2I84431 RES, TX Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 1938687, GA Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 2965515, ID All Lines / General Adjuster 499463, WY All Lines / General Adjuster 237398, LA Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 629959, NV Property and Casualty (Excl WC) 954429

Additional Expertise

Large Complex Commercial/Homeowners Losses, Account /Program Management, Wine Industries, Mortgage Force Placed, Restaurants, Retail, Flood, Hurricane & Earthquake, Inland Marine

Adjuster Experience

31 years 1993