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Assistant Manager Marine

Alfred Kui Munialo

Assistant Manager Marine



  • General Average MV MSC Chitra following Collision in Mumbai India (USD 1.5 Million)
  • Salvage Claim MV Pacific Express following Piracy attack off Somalia (USD 1 Million)
  • General Average MV Juemme Trader following steering rudder damage (USD 500 K)
  • Damage to power cables imported for power project (USD 200 K)
  • Short landing claim for packages for a gas power plant in Kilwa Tanzania (USD 1 Million)
  • Flood Damage on leather manufacturing factory in Thika Kenya (USD 200 K)
  • Wind Damage at Aluminium Can Manufacturing Plant at Sultan Hamud Kenya (USD 200 K)
  • Discharge Survey on a consignment of Oil Rig shipped Pointe Noire Congo to Mombasa Kenya
  • Discharge Survey on a consignment of windmill blades and Nacelle for a wind power project in Kenya
  • Damage to a consignment of paper following the collision of the MV MSC Chitra at Mumbai China (USD 1 Million)

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Bishops Garden Towers, 5th Floor, Bishops Road, Nairobi Kenya
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BBM (Hons), Dip. AIIK, Lloyd's Corporation Certificate Technical Cargo Surveying Module, Lloyd's Corporation, Certificate Claims and recoveries


Adjuster Experience

15 years 2009