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Casualty Division Manager

Andrés Jiménez M.

Casualty Division Manager


Andrés graduated as a Lawyer with Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Andrés has 10 years of experience adjusting claims in the Casualty and Specialty lines of business.

His experience encompasses several areas of expertise, such as Professional Liability, Construction Liability, Employer Liability, Product Liability between others, including handling and adjusting complex and severe claims.

Andrés has also performed as Assistant Teacher at the Escuela de Seguros de Chile instructing courses for Broker Degrees.


  • Large Automobile Dealer Company: Successful handling and settlement of a severe case of a client that suffers invalidating injuries (Paraplegia)
  • Construction: Severe damage to a series of properties surrounding construction work of an insured construction company carrying out excavation work resulting in a collapse and fatality
  • Employer Liability: Fatality due to the collapse of a structure
  • Employer Liability: Truck turned over inside a construction site, resulting in one fatality and one injury
  • Medical Professional Liability: Patient suffers severe and permanent neurological damage upon surgical intervention practised by the insured
  • Medical Professional Liability: Fatality of a new-born due to negligent acts during surgery delivered by the Doctor and professional team
  • Municipalities: Efficient handling and successful settlement of TPA claims of all types and levels severity in public areas, including cases of severe injuries or fatalities
  • Clinic Tests: Successful handling of claims related to tests of medicines on patients
  • Product Liability: Export Wood products severely damaged by products manufactured by the insured
  • Vehicle Civil Liability: Collision between a bus and two small vehicles resulting in a fire and multiple fatalities & injuries

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Avenida Apoquindo 3039, Piso 15, Santiago, Chile
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Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Lawyer

Additional Expertise

General Liability, Professional Liability, Product Liability, including international export products, Employer Liability, D&O, Fidelity, Litigation Management, Terminal Operator Legal Liability, Specialty lines

Adjuster Experience

16 years 2008