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Operations Executive / Loss Adjuster

Asato Goto

Operations Executive / Loss Adjuster


Asato began her career in the insurance market during the catastrophe response of the 2011 Great Eastern EQ in Japan when she was appointed as the lead interpreter at the Tokyo branch of the world’s biggest international adjusting firm. She worked alongside a number of non-Japanese international loss adjusters, who handled some of the most notable claims incurring out of the EQ and tsunami.

After completing a masters degree at a university in the UK in 2013, she returned to Japan and was appointed again by the same firm, to work alongside Japanese senior loss adjusters as a junior adjuster. Due to her expertise in language, she was exposed again to a number of high value claims, including PD, product liability, product recall, EAR & CAR, CAT and BI. Her expertise initially focused on the linguistic skills, including translations and (re)writing of adjusting reports prepared by Japanese adjusters, to be published to the international insurance market. She also played a key role in assisting foreign adjusters investigating Japanese claims incurring out of frequent catastrophe events such as earthquakes and typhoons. During these years, she also managed and led some global corporate liability programs for several international clients with a Japanese market presence.

Prior to joining the insurance industry, Asato managed/owned businesses in multiple industries, including education, translation and (apparel) manufacturing, where she gained a diverse expertise.

She has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Canada, and has an extensive experience working as an inter-cultural bridge between the international market and Japan, considered as one of the most unique & challenging insurance markets in Asia. She is most noted for her capacity to interpret the needs of Japanese clients, not simply in the translation of the words, but also the subtle nuances to be reflected in claims handling and loss adjusting reports. In July 2020, Asato  joined the McLarens Tokyo team, where she assumed the role of Operations Executive / Loss Adjuster.


  • Plant facility provider, machinery breakdown at power plant (USD 1 Million)
  • Plant facility provider, machinery breakdown at power plant (USD 1.2 Million)
  • Plant facility provider, explosion and fire at plant (USD 2.1 Million)
  • Solar energy provider, damage to solar plant due to flooding (USD 1 Million)
  • Solar energy provider, damage to solar plant due to tyhoon (USD 2.3 Million)
  • Construction and engineering, EAR / DIC due to facility failure at thermal power plant in Vietnam (USD 1.2 Million)
  • Beverage manufacturing facility provider, product liability due to corroson of factory facility (USD 1.8 Million)
  • Construction and engineering, EAR / DIC due to tyhoon flood at thermal power plant in Vietnam (USD 1.9 Million)
  • Automobile manufacturer, damage to plant due to fire following EQ (USD 800 Million)
  • Chemical solution provider, PD & BI due to EQ (USD 35 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Burex Kyobashi, 2-7-14 Kyobashi Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan
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Masters Degree in Fashion - Bunka Fashion Graduate University 2011, Masters Degree in Fashion - Nottingham Trent University 2013

Additional Expertise

Catastrophe, Personal Liability, Power & Energy, Product Liability, Product Recall, Translation & Interpretation (EN-JP)

Adjuster Experience

13 years 2011