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General Adjuster

Beau (David) Wessel

General Adjuster


Beau Wessel began his career in 2006 working as an underwriting specialist before moving onto a claims adjuster role in 2008. From there, Beau moved into various roles within the claims industry including a training specialist and claims supervisor. He carries with him a great deal of experience with investigations, negotiations and interpreting insurance policies and coverages, including personal, commercial, homeowners, farm and general liability.

As a State of Washington licensed Independent Adjuster, Beau is an active member of the Puget Sound Adjusters Association (PSAA) and The Claims Litigation and Management Alliance (CLM).


  • Insurance Agency: Casualty/Personal Injury (USD 120 K)
  • Homeowner’s Association: Casualty/Multiple Injuries (USD 500 K)
  • Premises Liability (75K US), Casualty/Balcony Collapse
  • Auto Liability: Casualty/Pre-Mature Birth (USD 150 K)
  • Pet Liability: Casualty/Dog Bite (USD 90 K)
  • Heavy Equipment Liability: Casualty/Personal Injury (USD 50 K)
  • Restaurant Liability: Casualty/Oil Fire (USD 45 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

19324 40th Avenue West, Suite D
Lynnwood, WA 98036-5662
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Industry Certification

WA Independent Adjuster License, Associate In Claims (AIC 30), Associate in General Insurance (INS 22)


San Diego State University (Communication), Grossmont Community College (INS), The Institutes (AIC)

Additional Expertise

Animal Liability, Automobile, Commercial and General Liability, First Party Medical, Heavy Equipment Liability, Premises Liability

Adjuster Experience

18 years 2006