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Head of Investigation

Brendan Gillooly

Head of Investigation


Brendan has been involved in insurance claims investigation for more than 20 years, with both Insurers and Adjusting practices. He is a member of the Anti-Fraud Special Interest Group council with the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, and frequently involved in their activities, from industry conferences, to one off events.

Brendan holds Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist status and in his personal time, also studies Forensic Psychology, Behavioural Evidence Analysis and Criminal Profiling.

Having previously been responsible for spearheading the inception and development of the Investigation & Counter Fraud Unit at Quadra Claims Services Ltd, he joins McLarens as Head of Investigation as we seek to dynamically grow and improve McLarens Investigation Practice.

Brendan remains an active investigations practitioner in addition to operational duties, and has a wealth of experience in Commercial and Personal lines property claims, as well as agriculture, equine, plant & machinery, and a raft of other product types.


  • Spurious restaurant fire with additional underwriting issues – Fraud saving GBP 2.7M
  • Fictitious jewellery loss resulting in Fraud conviction and recovery of previous claims settlements – Total saving GBP 80,000
  • Alleged ‘cattle rustling’ proven to be TB related disposal of infected cattle – Fraud saving GBP 189,000
  • Foreign property fire proven to be a second claim for the same event – Fraud Saving EUR 214,000
  • Fraudulent Increased Cost of Working element following an Escape of Water at a Veterinarian Practice – Total saving GBP 126,000
  • Alleged theft of alcohol stock from restaurant proven to be an ‘inside job’ – Fraud saving GBP 37,500
  • Fire damaged apartment block proven to be utilised as a cannabis factory with the landlord’s consent – Total saving £750,000

Brendan is also involved with CILA AF-SIG – Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters Anti-Fraud Special Interest Group.


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ACFS - Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist, Dip FSP - Diploma in Forensic Science & Profiling

Adjuster Experience

24 years 2000