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Senior Aviation Surveyor / Manager - Brasilia

Carlos Alberto da Conceicao

Senior Aviation Surveyor / Manager - Brasilia


Carlos Alberto da Conceicao joined McLarens Aviation in 2014 to open and head the company’s Brasilia office. Prior to joining McLarens Aviation, Carlos Alberto, a qualified pilot with over 4,000 hours of flight time, was President of Brazil’s Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Centre (CENIPA). He has also held a number of prominent positions within the aviation sector, including Chief of the Airspace Control Operational Safety Advisory, and Brigadier in the Brazilian Air Force.

Office Address / Contact Information

Condominio Solar de Brasilia
Quadra 02, Conj 10, Casa 02
Brasilia DF 71.680-349
Local Time:
Local Date:


Air Transport Pilot Course; Civil Aviation Inspector Course; Fluminense Federal Uni. – MBA, Admin. & Strategic Mngmt. Executive


Adjuster Experience

42 years 1982

Language Skills

Portuguese, English, Chinese (beginner)