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Charles Lightner

General Adjuster


Charles Lightner, a native of Dallas, TX, started his career in the insurance industry in 2017 when he worked as an independent catastrophe field adjuster inspecting commercial and home properties in the state of Florida. After gaining valuable experience, Charles was recognized for his work ethic and customer service by management and was offered a desk position with a major carrier to be a complex property handler. Charles excelled at this role as well, handling losses for over 2 years in this role.

In 2021, he accepted an offer to return to independent adjusting, and proceeded to handle claims in California, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, all while continuing to refine his claim handling process, as well as building up key industry contacts.

Charles joined McLarens in 2022 as a General Adjuster to handle losses in the Northeast, focusing on Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. With McLarens Charles has handled multiple large losses, including transformer explosions, commercial total fires, flooding, natural gas leaks, heavy equipment, environmental, elevated steam, and lighting strikes.


  • Commerical Business – Total Fire (USD $2 Milllion)
  • Commercial Business – Flood Loss (USD $1 Million)
  • Country Club – Enviromental Loss (USD $300K)
  • Hilton Hotel – Gas Spill (USD $500K)
  • Commercial Business – Transformer Explosion (USD $500K)
  • Orphanage – Lightning Strike Loss (USD $100K)
  • Beach House – Hot Water line / Elevated Steam Loss (USD $2 Million)
  • Warhouse Distrubution – General Liability for Solar Products (USD $100K)

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Angelo State University Bachelors - B.A in Finance, Minor in Mathematics, Licensed in 15 States - TX, FL, NH, ME, CT, RI, NC, SC, LA, DE, OK, LA, KY, VT, WY

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Auto & Heavy Equipment

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7 years 2017