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Surveyor and Adjuster

Chuck Hsu

Surveyor and Adjuster


He joined McLarens in 2018 starting with liability claims. Chuck has a good knowledge of legal cases and skills, including handling lawyer’s case schedules, communicating with the court, meeting with clients and closing out files. While claim handling, Chuck provides his legal opinion to the lawyer or the client. He also has experience in legal accommodation and reconciliation. Chuck also often participates in various fire or marine claim cases, and uses his own legal knowledge, investigation and communication skills to assist clients in handling cases from different perspectives.


  • Oil Business – Casualty, (NTD 5 Million)
  • Clean & Debris Removal Service – Casualty (NTD 8 Million)
  • Chemical application material manufacturing – Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (NTD 20 Million)
  • Logistics business – Public liability (NTD 2 Million)

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6th Floor, 76 Nanking East Road, Section 2 Taipei Taiwan
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Shih Hsin University, Bachelors in Law

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Adjuster Experience

6 years 2018