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Aviation Surveyor

Daniel Ehrhardt

Aviation Surveyor


In early 2015, Daniel joined Crawford Aviation as an Aviation Surveyor and Adjuster as part of an office expansion under Mal Robinson in the markets of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Previously he worked for a large third party maintenance organisation as their station manager in Frankfurt. They serviced and maintained regional airlines and corporates jets also as Embraer’s Service Centre for Frankfurt. Daniel started his career in the aviation as civilian aircraft apprentice with the German Air Force, maintaining F104’s, Tornado’s, and smaller GA aircraft.

He is a licensed civilian aircraft engineer with numerous type ratings also on turbo props and business jets. In 2014, he started an MSc course at City University London in Aviation Safety Management, wherein he is currently doing is dissertation.

  • Major European MRO, liability loss, hangar fire involving several commercial jet aircraft and re-skin (USD 5 Million)
  • East European government operator, hull loss, turboprop aircraft control loss, aircraft recovery in a lake (USD 1.3 Million)
  • Major European charter airline, hull loss, hard landing of a commercial jet aircraft (over USD 1 Million)
  • Major European charter airline, hull loss, lightning strike event on a commercial jet aircraft and partly re-skin (USD 1 Million)
  • European heli-crane operator, hull loss, blade strike during logging, recovery by helicopter
  • Major European helicopter operator, hull loss, hard landing event (USD 300,000)
  • Major European helicopter operator, machine insurance loss, engine failure in flight (USD 300,000)
  • Private turbo prop operator, hull loss, fuel starvation and emergency landing, recovery from island (USD 700,000)
  • Private GA aircraft, hull loss, expert opinion on repairs for court case
  • Commercial helicopter operator, hull loss, fuel starvation and hard landing (USD 1 Million)
  • Major European charter airline, hull loss, expert opinion on repairs, partly re-skin of commercial jet aircraft (USD 4.5 Million)
  • Arabic business jet operator, hull loss, bird strike and geographic sanctions issues (USD 250,000)



Office Address / Contact Information

Galvanistrasse 30
60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Local Time:
Local Date:

Industry Certification

EASA Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) as Certifying Technician category B1 at Lufthansa Technical Training, Various EASA PART 147 approved type courses on commercial jet and propeller aircraft and business jets, Certified Aviation Quality Auditor at AQS Frankfurt, Germany


Additional Expertise

Military aircraft maintenance (Starfighter, Tornado), Commercial aircraft base maintenance, Commercial aircraft line maintenance and management, Leadership, Certified Aviation Quality Auditor (AQS), London's City University MSc Aviation Safety Management (in-progress)

Adjuster Experience

35 years 1989