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Loss Adjuster

Daniel Liang - 梁晋

Loss Adjuster


Daniel graduated from Guangzhou Urban Construction Vocational College in 2011, majoring in construction engineering technology; he continued his education in 2012 and graduated from Guangdong University of Technology in 2014, majoring in civil engineering.

From 2011 to 2017, he worked as a site supervisor for a Guangzhou-based construction engineering supervision company, where he was involved in the construction supervision of a number of large-scale construction projects and accumulated a great deal of engineering expertise.

Daniel joined McLarens in December 2017 as an adjuster in the construction and engineering insurance department.

Notable Assignments:

  • RMB7.8 million claimed and RMB2.1 million adjusted for typhoon losses of a power plant in Hainan
  • Power plant in Huizhou in May 2020 for engineering insurance storm loss, claiming RMB12.71 million, fixing RMB3.58 million and adjusting RMB3.18 million;
  • Power plant engineering insurance storm loss in Huizhou in June 2020, claim RMB5.94 million, fixed RMB1.31 million;
  • Guangzhou a highway rainstorm claim RMB14 million, settled RMB2.43 million;
  • RMB6.1 million for a typhoon claim of a Zhuhai heavy industry limited company, adjusted RMB3.21 million.
  • Claim for RMB21.4 million and RMB1.69 million for RMB1.69 million in respect of a power plant in Zhejiang Province for a storm with high winds and gusts resulting in wave washout;
  • RMB1.64 million claimed and RMB1.42 million adjusted by a Beijing feed technology company for rainstorm in Zhengzhou;
  • Claim for RMB8,770,000 and RMB2,110,000 for RMB8,770,000 and RMB2,110,000 in respect of rainstorm damage to a motorway in Guangdong

Office Address / Contact Information

Unit 1301B, 13/F, Mayland Building
No 667, Huacheng Avenue, Guangzhou 510627
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Industry Certification

CIRC Licensed Adjuster


BEng (Civil Engineering), Assistant Engineer

Additional Expertise

Contractors All Risks, Erection All Risks

Adjuster Experience

7 years 2017